Mobile Makers

We are a collective of local working artists looking to share and create art with our fellow residents at neighborhood events meeting you where you are to make creating accessible to everyone. This initiative was sponsored by Regional Arts Commission RAC in 2017. If you want the Mobile Makers at your local event, sent a message in the Contact section.

Painting Parties

Artist Luisa Otero Prad will guide you to plan your painting party at your place ! have a  great time painting, sharing, and experiencing art!

Price: $35/person, all art supplies included

Call or text to register 314-285-2569

Neighborhood Mural

This Mural was sponsored by the Baha'i Community of Saint Louis in the frame of the "Bicentenary" celebrations. A beautiful effort where a spiritual community, artists and a local patron came together for the beautification of the Old North Neighborhood: The Original 14th Street gallery facilitated the space and wall to produce and display the mural, Zuka artists collaborated and painted the mural along with members and artists of the Baha'i community, 

Luisa Otero Prada was proudly part of the coordination team and design of  this project.