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Luisa Otero Prada

“Art, has always been part of my life, I was born in the land of Magic Realism and I love it; my intention is to create Visual Magic Realism in my work. The beauty and exuberance of nature and people are my deepest inspiration to paint.” It is weaving all the layers and threads of my life, my cultural background, and my emotions, that I feel complete when I paint; the gold, the fibers, the textures, they are always there, as witness of my heritage and companions of my search, as I continue my journey as a woman, as a mother and as an immigrant, that doesn't change, somehow it becomes stronger and more universal, I believe.”

Luisa Otero Prada is an American artist based in St Louis, Missouri. Born in Colombia, South America. She has been an artist since her childhood, Luisa attended La Salle University, in Colombia,  where she majored in Architecture, moved to the United States in 2001.

She is an acrylic painter, inspired by nature, her roots and people, her paintings are an explosion of colors and shapes.  Luisa has shown her Art in Galleries such as "The Third Floor Gallery", RAC Regional Art Commission, Saint Louis Artist Guild, Old Orchard Gallery, Saint Louis Community College, Chesterfield City Hall, Old North  Community Art Gallery, Manchester Arts, The Northern Arts Council, The 14th Street Gallery, she also had the honor of showing her Art at the Missouri History Museum during a Hispanic Day Celebration.

In 2016 Luisa finished her Community Arts Training invited by Regionals Art Commission, she is now a CAT alumnus. Luisa is dedicated to her Art and to share her passion with the community bringing Art workshops to companies and offering private Art celebrations and Art related services through her company Otero Prada LLC.

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