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Have a wonderful time experiencing art in a fun and relaxed environment! Artist Luisa Otero Prada will guide you in planning a customized painting party at your home, office, church, clubhouse or any place!

Price: $35/person and all art supplies are included.
Call or text for consultation or to book your party 314-285-2569  

No experience required. Social distancing guidelines practiced.



Longview Farm Park Gallery has partnered with artist Luisa Otero Prada to bring her Art Parties to the gallery.

Next date: November 17 2021 12:00 to 2:00 pm

All participants must register 

Call 314 587 2838


A fun way to share art and culture are Luisa's customized workshops for all audiences, ages and events,

Luisa has directed art workshops for Missouri History History Museum, Hispanic Festival, Contemporary Art Museum, Saint Louis Art Fair, Ferguson Farmers Market, Jazzy Seniors, Sankofa Arts Village.

Art projects are always rewarding either for a small neighborhood, a larger community or a company

Do you have a wall for a mural? Want to bring color to a street ? "All you need is art" is Luisa's motto and she can help to make your project a reality.

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